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"Do you really love me? Or we both just thought that we were madly inlove? What if we just needed someone to fill the absence of the most important person who left us?

Our first love.

The person who loved me, or you with all their heart. Who gave you kisses in the most beautiful places. Made pancakes on a sunday morning. Showed their love thru actions because they know that words wouldn’t be enough. Do you think what we have now is the kind of love we truly deserve?”

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For future reference :)

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Who would have thought that after 20 years, I’d get to spend Valentine’s Day with a person I love? Thank you for being there when I was still crazy in love with someone that you had to give me pieces of advice on how to make our relationship stronger. But cupid played with our hearts and made us realize that “Hey, this person is meant to be with you” You’re my food buddy, my personal SME, my best friend and a loving boyfriend all rolled into one.

Thank you for always being understanding and keeping up with my mood swings. The times that you sing me to sleep while touching my hair is one of the sweetest things that you ever did (which made me love you even more!) I love you bookworm! You make everyday a Valentine’s Day :) #InstaSize #vscocam #vsco #love #dogeee

I’ve been moody for the past few days but you’re still there keeping your cool and doing everything to make me feel better. Thanks for bearing with my kaartehan. Haha! 😍😘

Excited for the weekend! 😍😘

I was planning to unwind today and just release all the stress I got for the whole week but everyone is too busy to join me. It would be too awkward to spend my day at Enchanted kingdom alone. I miss the times when someone is just a phone call away and in an hour, that person will rescue me from boredom.

Good thing my doggy chow chow welcomed me and gave me a hug when I got home. He knows that’s what I needed the most right now.
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Had to scan through all of the bookstore’s shelves just find this book. I was already giving up but he still continued checking the shelves. And guess what? He found the book! Upon seeing the movie, we both felt that it was like ‘our story’. He is my Nick, and I would always be his Norah. Love comes when you least expect it ❤️ #love #dogeee #nickandnorah #potd

My love gave me a cotton candy on our last date! How can you not love someone who knows what you want and knows how make you happy? It’s hard to stay in a relationship where everyone doesn’t want you to end up together. But I won’t give up. I’ll continue loving you. That’s a promise ❤️ #sweet #InstaSize #dogeee #vscocam #vsco

I took this selfie when my heart got broken. It was the 27th of September and you were there to comfort me. A lot of things has changed now. Some people left, some people stayed. I’m glad that you’re still here beside me. I won’t get tired of exploring and capturing our best moments together my love.

Wow! Thanks for always ruining my selfie! Haha! Cutie patootie photobomber 😍😂#fatdog

Spent my day off with people close to my heart 😍